What factors determine the price of the submarine small column- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-25
Mechanical engineers and 7 other partners. They are a group of small adventurers active in the sea. They have their own hobbies and unique expertise. They are constantly exploring unknown waters under the leadership of the team core. The exquisite picture shows the imagination of the sky and the sky, adding the enjoyment and enjoyment of the animation. But now the brand is to see the imagination of commercial sea pillars, gastrodia elata lines and very interesting entertainment equipment, making people scream ocean balls and big slides, how attractive! At present, investors in major cities have already purchased operating equipment. Many investors focus on the cost of investment, so let's look at the details of the cost. First of all, it is the cost of ocean balls and slides. Ocean balls are about 8 to 10 cm yellow, white and blue. There is a commonly known as wave ball, corrosion-resistant, dirt-resistant, pollution-free production raw materials, generally a square of about 400- 600, the size of the basic investors' purchases on their websites. There are also slides, which are children's favorite. Slides stimulate children's mental cells to exercise children's courage, etc. , so many benefits are not mentioned in detail. Investors can contact healthy children, healthy children are tailored for you! The size of the site directly affects the cost of investment. The location of the site also directly affects the enterprise in the future, but don't worry, the underwater small column is a brand, which can be directly used as the site, the location of the square, and the largest shopping center in China, this is absolutely not to worry about traffic, so we pay a certain amount of brand protection!
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