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by:SKP     2020-02-27
Heilongjiang Net red bridge safety protection air cushion precautions can even get corresponding rewards, so that a net red bridge can become a classic entertainment project, thus winning fans. Even like the swing bridge of Ruzhou Huahai, it can gradually rely on this as a swing bridge challenge, expanding its influence from scenic spots to regions and the whole country, forming classic brand projects. In this way, a simple net red bridge has been made into a real lasting project. Magic Net Red Bridge, do you really understand? The net Red Bridge, which has been on fire for more than a year, is really full of magic. Now the net red is one after another, one after another. The Net Red Bear has just stopped for a while and suddenly shook out a net red bridge halfway, it's really unimaginable, it's so simple to shake and shake. Let everyone rush, but do you really understand this kind of magic Net red bridge? Xiao Bian thinks that everyone's understanding of it may just stay in funny and funny ways of playing. Lunar January 12, people in their hometown have the custom of 'losing illness. That night, the fans and the lotus pond Moonlight (Net name)Singing live on the street. So today Xiaobian wants to take everyone to learn more about the net Red Bridge. Or can be a challenger, this effect is the best, the current online popular video is also contributed by these people. In order to combine with challenges, we need corresponding incentives to cooperate with swing bridge as a project. We also need to combine with challenges and set up corresponding incentive strategies, those who win the swing bridge can get more expensive returns, such as free tickets and free tickets. It can not only exercise balance, but also bring laughter. That is Yueyang Pingjiang Shiniu Village. Shiniuzhai is located in the border of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi, belonging to Pingjiang County, Yueyang city. It is an AAAA-level National Geological Park. The scenic spots in the scenic spot are famous for their extraordinary risks. It has the first high-altitude glass bridge and music glass plank road in China, as well as the unique red Danxia landform in China. . The net Red Bridge is a unique way of playing the suspension bridge. Almost all the net celebrities are the products of the times. Most of them are short-lived. I don't know when the bridge can be shaken, I don't know what kind of internet celebrity is waiting for us. It is mainly to change the anchoring equipment of ordinary suspension bridges into movable devices, so don't rush to go first! With the experience of wet body, I will give you two tips: 1. Pay attention to Buffering when falling down-- Keep the center of gravity and keep the knee bent at about 130 degrees. 2. The amplitude of the suspension bridge cannot be at the maximum amplitude position--The middle part of the heavy bridge in the video. The load-bearing chain used is also different from the ordinary suspension bridge, so that tourists can better shake on the suspension bridge to achieve the goal of mutual confrontation. Even if I climbed down the bridge and used both hands and feet, it was still left and right, and it was difficult to keep balance. Although I plucked up the courage to try several times, the final result was falling into the water. I am really unwilling. After all, the most tested thing about these Red Bridges is actually the sense of balance. Although I have become a drowned rat here, I have had a good time. You can also try it, are you a balance master. Welcome to consult Rainbow Bridge wealth hotline: 18937803869
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