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by:SKP     2020-03-05
The square robot pedal car launched by Guangzhou SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is cute and interesting in shape, good in quality and affordable, suitable for Square amusement parks, large shopping malls and parks, and is very popular with square bosses and children, welcome to the factory to visit and consult the configuration of 13140167518 Robot Pedal: size: 150*85*180. Weight: 60 kg. Load: 150. Motor Power: 24V250 Watts. Battery: chaowei 20A * 2. Controller: 24V250 Watt three-generation LCD controller brake: Electronic Brake, stop when loose. Style: Style is optional. Tire: shockproof inflatable wheel speed: 1 ~ 20 km/h adjustable. Lights: full car colorful lights. The working principle of the robot: the walking of the robot places an electric mechanical device as a walking device, adopts two sets of irregular quadrilateral crank-connecting rod mechanism, and the electric driving crankshaft drives the crank-connecting rod mechanism to move alternately, simulate people walking. However, the steering mechanism of the robot uses the steering wheel to control the steering of the walking machine through the wire rope. As the steering wheel controls the direction of the car through rotation, the operation is very convenient and the design is more reasonable. Since the steering wheel is fixed on the pole, children and adults can be used as support and protection during operation, so it is safer. If you recall your childhood, can you think of your childhood 'playmate? At that time, we didn't have much contact and the types of toys were very single, but now they are different. With the opening of the second child era, more and more parents are paying more and more attention to their children, I hope that my children will have a good childhood, so the rise of the amusement toy industry meets the needs of children to play.
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