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by:SKP     2020-02-28
In recent years, inflatable battery cars have been popular all over the country. Inflatable battery car covers are also loved by children and customers because of their diversity and novelty. However, with the popularity of the square amusement equipment business, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. How can we take the advantage of operating Square amusement equipment in the fierce competition? This requires operators to have sufficient understanding of products when selecting equipment, in addition, the use and maintenance of products should be properly maintained, etc. Children's inflatable battery car children's inflatable battery car the inflatable battery car produced by our factory is divided into single and double models. The shell is made of high-gloss wear-resistant thick engineering plastic material. The single inflatable battery car uses 12 v dc geared motor, the double inflatable battery car adopts 24 v dc geared motor: and is equipped with fast and slow gear, reversing, music and other functions; Configure MP3 intelligent controller, with functions of timing, speed regulation, music, digital display, etc; The tire is a high-efficiency, high-pressure wear-resistant pneumatic tire; The chassis is of standard square steel structure and bears more than 150. The outer cover is made of PVC thickened bright cloth, which is wear-resistant, bright, beautiful, easy to clean and colorfast. We can customize various styles according to customer's requirements. As long as you can provide styles, we can accurately design the board according to your requirements. Children's inflatable battery car Guangzhou Haibei Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating production, sales and service. We have a lot of products, not only the new tank bumper car you want, there are also King Kong man bumper cars, inflatable battery cars, Le Ba cars, Thomas bumper cars, Mars chariots, snail cars, animal pedaling cars, rotating planes, cow Tiger bumper cars, police car bumper cars, BMW bumper cars, inflatable castles, inflatable slides, water parks, guardrails and other hundreds of amusement equipment, the company has passed the quality management system certification, our company with excellent results, won the praise of customers, we have always been loved and supported by customers.
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