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by:SKP     2020-02-19
Inflatable battery car, also known as children's inflatable battery car, is divided into three types: double inflatable battery car, lantern inflatable battery car and single inflatable battery car. The inflatable battery car originated in Japan in the early days, but because the air mold is sewn by the needle car, it must be inflated with an extra battery and a fan. Even if there is no tourist, it must be inflated with electricity, in addition, the life of the upper air model is about 3 months, so at that time, this product was only used as a short-term performance business, and it was impossible to recover the cost for normal operation, because the use of high-cost disabled vehicles and needles at that time was an immature and defective product, a new type of air model product was developed, especially for this product--Inflatable battery car. The shell of the inflatable battery car is made of plastic rubber coat technology, with extremely high gloss and no leg color; The double inflatable battery car uses a 24 v dc geared motor. The Double car is equipped with two 12 V/36A high-efficiency energy-saving batteries, and is equipped with fast and slow gears and reversing (With a reversing tone)Brake, horn and other functions. Intelligent controller, capable of timing, speed regulation, music, digital display and other functions; The tire is a high-efficiency wear-resistant pneumatic tire; The chassis is a national standard steel frame structure; The jacket is made of PVC thickened Oxford light fabric, which is wear-resistant, bright, beautiful, easy to clean and colorfast; And equipped with double blowers. Guangzhou Haibei amusement park Equipment Co. , Ltd. specializes in single toy cars, double inflatable battery cars, inflatable battery car covers, removable and washable plush animal cars, rotating planes, bumper cars, robot pedal cars, three generations of LCD Mars chariots, Thomas train, airplane bumper car, tank bumper car, cow Tiger bumper car, Vajrayana, Beach car, royal carriage, double-seat tractor, inflatable castle, inflatable water slide, inflatable pool, steel frame bungee jumping, kangaroo jumping equipment, giant footstep equipment, touching stones, crossing equipment, rainbow umbrella equipment, etc. The materials selected for the product are PVC, PE composite film, waterproof Oxford cloth, reinforced Oxford cloth, TPU, transparent Oxford cloth and other special materials for pneumatic models. The principle of innovation for development and quality for survival creates greater social value for society. Advanced design, precision production strength, innovation and innovation, exquisite material selection, novel design, fine workmanship, high quality and low price, durability, safety and reliability, strong entertainment and other characteristics are favored by the majority of users. Features of inflatable battery car: 1. Plastic injection molding, environmental protection and durability, recycling; 2, the shell is thick, the shape is realistic, the color is bright; 3, the chassis is strong, installation specifications, adjustment standards; 4. Orderly wiring, reasonable arrangement and proper installation; 5, multi-layer packaging, strong binding, safe transportation; 6. Stable operation, durability and low price. Scope of use: shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, canteens, infant products specialty stores, various toy specialty stores, medical institutions, children's hospitals, community hospitals, community squares, community parks, theme parks, children's parks small playgrounds, kindergartens, children's palaces, stations, docks and other public places with concentrated traffic . . . . . .
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