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by:SKP     2020-03-16
With the implementation of the two-child policy, various commercial projects for children have entered an outbreak period, and inflatable battery cars for children's amusement equipment are no exception. Many people have spotted this market and began to study children's amusement equipment, hoping to find the most profitable amusement equipment. However, if you have an inaccurate grasp of the market and are not familiar with the industry, you will often miss the equipment that really makes money. First of all, the new amusement equipment inflatable battery car will be liked by children. The child's characteristic is curiosity. When he sees something fun and new equipment, he will want to play. Therefore, the new equipment is very attractive to children. In addition, the competition for new equipment is small and the popularity of new equipment is not high, so it is very likely that there is only one equipment like you in the whole city, with almost no competitors. Secondly, children like interactive equipment. Interactive equipment is generally suitable for older children. Children under the age of 5 cannot play independently, so this interactive feature will not be reflected. Of course, if parents play together and guide, there will be good results. Interactivity is to stimulate children's interest, and once this interest is aroused, it will last for a long time, so there will be many old customers who come to play repeatedly. Just like children can play a game for a long time. Finally, safe and good quality equipment makes the most money. All amusement equipment must be safe first, and the equipment quality is good. If the equipment is always out of order and time is spent on maintenance, it will definitely have a great impact on the benefits. The charging standard for inflatable battery cars is 10 minutes each time, 20 yuan/time, each car is operated 20 times a day, and one bumper car is operated, the monthly income is 10 yuan/time * 20 times/day * 30 days = 6000 yuan/month, then it is calculated according to the annual operation for 8 months, the total income for one year is 6000 yuan/month * 8 months = 48000 yuan. The operation of holidays and weekends is even more popular, and the economic benefits are very high. Operating children's tank bumper cars is a cash business, no debts, no storefronts, no decoration, open-air venues, low rents, unique business, no competition.
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