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Children's childhood fun starts from the Soft Play naughty castle Indoor Playground


Parents pay attention to the cultivation of children's emotional intelligence. 

The environment in the new electric naughty castle can make children think of life situations, play and experience situations, describe situations with language, etc., 

so as to encourage children to go from feeling beauty to loving beauty and understanding beauty.

Kindergarten teaching methods generally use games, multimedia, situational models, role-playing, discussions and other methods for experiential training. It is committed to improving children's self-confidence, independence, willpower, social interaction skills, cultivating children's optimism, honesty, friendship, etc. Children are from 2 and a half to 7 years old. The age distribution of children here is relatively wide. Teachers provide a way that is conducive to their social interaction development. Children have a common interest: that is, enjoying their own game world in the naughty castle.

Education experts pointed out: "Games are excellent teachers for children in terms of education. 

They learn about the environment, strengthen their bodies, exercise their minds, and learn to be human through games. 

Games are good teachers and helpful friends for children. The new electric naughty castle brings all aspects of emotional intelligence development to young children, and more ways of playing reflect the children's life.

Let the children's playground equipment bring children the fun of childhood.

We all know that the equipment in children's playgrounds usually includes swings, slides, children's naughty castles, electric naughty castles, children's desks and chairs, balance bars and rotating globes. Children enjoy the fun of childhood while playing, and at the same time can promote the development of children's multiple nervous systems.

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