Indoor playground

Subtitle DIndoor playgrounds are usually located in large shopping centers, community and early education centers to attract people.Our company's main indoor playground products are naughty castle, software park, trampoline, rock climbing, rotary swing and other equipment.We will design different themes according to different scenes, such as jungle theme, ocean theme, candy theme, space theme, snow theme, Christmas theme playground and so on.Let children experience the charm of nature, learn knowledge, improve communication skills, enhance parent-child interaction.Trampoline and rock climbing are suitable for all kinds of people, both children and adults.Trampoline and rock climbing are fun sports, so it has become a popular game and a new money-making item.Indoor playground products using environmental protection materials, safe and non-toxic.The materials mainly include plastics, wood and stainless steel.At the same time, some small details will be added in the design process, such as anti-collision, anti-fall, etc., to fully ensure the safety of children playing.escription

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