kindergarten equipment

Kindergarten furniture is different from other public furniture. It is aimed at young children. The body is developing and the active nature which puts forward more stringent quality requirements for kindergarten furniture.Our main kindergarten furniture includes: children's desk and chair, schoolbag cabinet, coat and hat cabinet, toy cabinet, bookshelf, black board cabinet, art desk, shopping cart, reading sofa, bed, game room, activity combination cabinet, etc.Diversified, fashionable, beautiful, novel and interesting furniture is conducive to the development of the child's brain and personality, improve the child's attention, let the child fall in love with school.Our products are made of high quality wood and plastic.It has no toxic substances, no special smell and is green environmental protection.Completely in line with the national standards for kindergarten furniture.Technical treatment is adopted to make its overall shape plump, without burrs, insects and ants, no cracks, firm and thick.Plastic selection of food-grade engineering plastic environmental protection materials, blow molding. It is durable, not affected by the climate temperature and deformation.Table top materials can be recycled renovation.Desktop edge is a humanized design, with skid function, resistant to dirty, easy to clean.

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