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Plan according to site area, terrain and budget.



Diversified design styles to create a special kids playgrounds.



More than 300 kinds of amusement equipment cover indoor and outdoor kids playground and kindergarten.


All kinds of products are packed after production, shipped from Chinese factories to kids playgrounds, customs declaration without any worries.


We have a professional installation team and arrange the top engineers to work in the playground.

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Customized site planning and design solutions for you

Provide market research, site planning, project analysis, overall design, customized production, professional installation and construction and lifelong tracking one-stop service

More than 20 designers have more than 10 years of planning and design experience in kindergartens and children's playgrounds

The whole process revolves around the customized design of the project, with diversified styles, to create a unique kindergarten and children's playground


One-stop integrated business, no longer let you run around

One-stop distribution saves you valuable time

More than 300 categories covered kindergartens, theme parks, water parks, indoor parks and other places; Including slides, naughty castle, non-standard amusement equipment, residential amusement equipment, video games, inflatable products

More than 3,000 exhibition halls, let you one-stop shopping. You don't need to run around wasting money and time to get a complete set

Professional "purchasing assistant" helps you to guide and customize purchasing plan


The European standard environmental protection material, creates the environmental protection space for the child

True material solid material, let the child be more healthy, the parent is more at ease

The wood series is made of imported acacia pear, locust, camphor pine, oak and other solid wood

Plastic series using food grade imported IIDPE raw plastic injection molding high pressure

The paint film USES non-toxic, lead-free and benzene-free brand paint. The formaldehyde content and heavy metal content meet the highest standards of European and American countries


Overall cost - effective, save time and money

Under the premise of quality assurance, each link will save cost for you

Children's amusement equipment manufacturers direct sales, reduce the cost of 50 percent for you to save

Design value added, from the plan design can save you 30% of the cost

Free whole garden planning design, save the third party design company high cost

Smart Kids Playgrounds Indoor Playground and the Combination of Slide Processing Technology

  I. the products produced by the company are all standardized production, and the complete set of finished products are assembled according to the needs of customers. These accessories can be roughly divided into the following types according to their materials and uses:
  1. Steel components (all pipe fittings)
  2. Sheet pieces (accessories for standing platforms)
  3. Plastic parts (rolling parts, injection parts, blow parts)
  4. Wooden parts and rope parts
  5. Die-cast aluminum (connectors and fasteners between accessories)
  6. Stainless steel standard parts (bolts, screws, gaskets and other fasteners)
  Ⅱ. Processing process and characteristics
  1.  All steel structure is galvanized material, the surface of zinc layer content is 160 k/m, the thickness of the tube is 2.2 mm, effectively prevent the products in use process, the phenomenon of the corrosion from inside to outside, enhance product use fixed number of year, some products in the welding process of zinc layer was damaged, our products before coating on the surface of weld and TuFu zinc anti-corrosion primer, to ensure that the zinc layer is not lost.More than 90% of our welded accessories are welded by manipulator, with tolerance of plus or minus 0.1mm. The strength of welding seam is tested according to adult standard, to ensure the product installation is simple, fast and safe in use.
  Processing process flow: according to the drawing blanking - bending - inspection - arc punching - upper fixture welding - inspection - shot blasting - pretreatment - heating - spraying - drying - cooling - inspection - packaging - storage - delivery, need 16 links.
  2. Sheet metal: all cold-rolled steel plates with thickness of 2.2mm are used, with smooth surface and welding support at the bottom to ensure that they can bear 1000kg weight. In order to ensure safety and enhance the service life of the products, we use automatic punching machine to process anti-slip holes and falling holes on the surface of the products, with a diameter of 8mm.The surface treatment process has two treatment methods: spray and package. The surface thickness of spray is 0.6mm, and the package is about 4mm.
  Processing process flow: according to the drawing blanking - inspection - punching pin edge - punching flat face - punching installation side hole - folding edge - welding - pretreatment - heating - spraying - inspection - packaging - storage - delivery.It takes 14 links.
  3. pieces of plastic are all made of food grade raw material for production, put an end to add back in the process of production material production, to ensure safety, non-toxic, the mold has been used in the production of plastic parts are all made of CNC machining center, ensure no pieces of plastic bulge, prevent the skin of children receive damage in use process, in order to use the safety and enhance the use fixed number of year, we all around 5 mm thickness of the plastic, and even, the number of the connection part of the key all ready in the mold, do not need to processing, increase the effectiveness of the installation and safety standards,
  Processing process: grinding - color - feeding - heating - cooling - mold opening - cooling - shaping - trimming - inspection - packaging - storage - delivery.Thirteen processes are required.
  4. Wooden parts and rope parts: wooden parts are divided into log products and indoor playground soft package accessories, all using non-toxic raw materials for production, product bearing all according to international standards design and production.Rope products all use Marine cable, with 6 wire rope, bearing capacity of 20 tons.
  5.Die casting aluminum parts according to the German standard production, die casting raw materials brand a-s7g and a-s13.The lead content on the surface of the product is up to the eu standard, and the product is safe and firm.
  6.The stainless steel standard parts are all made of 316 material, and the surface is smooth.


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