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Cleaning of children's naughty castle equipment


Cleaning of children's naughty castle equipment

Equipment cleaning can be divided into simple cleaning and complex cleaning. 

Simple cleaning is to soak some toys in 1:99 diluted household bleach for 30 minutes, and then clean with clean water. The steps of complex cleaning are as follows:

1) Rinse and wipe with running water to remove dirt attached to the surface of the toys;

2) Scrub with special disinfectant to kill possible infectious bacteria;

3) Rinse and wipe with running water to remove disinfectant;

4) In the ultraviolet disinfection room, perform super-strong penetration sterilization for 10-20 minutes.

Secondly, for the cleaning of some large equipment, it is necessary to scrub with special disinfectants to keep it hygienic and clean. 

If you want to maintain the life of toys of different types and materials and ensure the health and safety of customers when using them, 

the cleaning and maintenance of equipment is extremely important. 

1) Plastic toys: You can soak them in clean water, or use solvents or tablets to dilute the disinfection and cleaning method to ensure the cleanliness of the toys.

2) Plush toys. You can choose to send it to a dry cleaner or wash it yourself. Self-cleaning can be divided into layered washing or whole washing.

 Layered washing means taking out the cotton inside the stuffed toy and washing it separately from the outer skin. 

To wash it in layers, you must first find the stitching of the stuffing mouth of the toy, then carefully cut it open, take out the cotton and wash it. 

Whole washing means throwing the entire stuffed toy into the washing machine or rubbing it with soap.

3) Cloth toys: Cloth toys such as cloth dolls and cloth books can be washed according to the cleaning instructions on the packaging and washed regularly.

4) Wooden toys: Because wooden materials absorb water and are prone to moths, these toys cannot be washed. It is best to expose them to the sun frequently.

5) Electronic toys: These toys cannot be washed either. They can only be wiped with a clean cloth dipped in water.

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