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Guangzhou huangpu tianluhu villa - the original ecology is the children's most extensive classroom


In the New Year, there is no rain for more than two months. Compared with the "wet and cold" in previous years, this winter seems to have been a "fake winter" for guangzhou.The warm sun is bathing the earth, and the warm wind is blowing gently on the face. There is no doubt that this is the best time for children to play outdoors.

Project name: guangzhou huangpu district tianlu lake villa outdoor recreation project

Project location: tianluhu villa, huangpu district, guangzhou

Project planning: Guangzhou smart playground equipment co., LTD


The site is on a pristine hill with a kindergarten at its base.The developer is working with the park to create an outdoor nature playground for children.Nature is the most extensive extra-curricular classroom for children, which combines climbing with jungle to promote children to play sports, so as to exercise children's coordination ability of hands, feet and body subconsciously.


Huanghua pear customized wooden outdoor expansion playground, perfectly integrated with the site geographical environment, outdoor climbing play a great role in the growth and development of children, but also conducive to stimulate the enthusiasm for environmental exploration and the desire to learn new things.




The lush bamboo forests and various development levels stimulate children's innate potential for sports. They will gradually learn about the external environment and understand the internal connections of things in different ways.With the expansion of the range of activities, children's self-confidence can also be strengthened.The most indispensable outdoor development is of course the rope net climb, as one of the most classic outdoor development projects, to explore the desire, children's movement, nerve and other systems can be fully exercised in the crawl.

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