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How to make kids playgrounds sustainable and profitable?


With the improvement of people's quality and living quality,people's awareness for next generation of healthy development has also improved.This has promoted the establishment and development of children's institutions.In recent years,Children park is very popular .It can enhance the parent-children interaction and development of children's physical and mental health by the game.What problems do children's parks need to pay attention to?Let's share with you.

The following points determine the sustainable operation of Children's paradise:


The proposed site for the children's park project are in large shopping center,shoppingmall,super market,large community and so on. Visitors flow rate is the most important things.A good site is one of the hardware indicators for the park continue to operate.It should be evaluated the traffic and commercial prospects surrounding the park,at the same time operator need to go through relevant formalities for industry and commerce,fire-fighting and tax.

2. Amusement equipment

After confirmed the siting,operator need to base on the budget to contact manufacturers.Let them provide the venue plan and the overall quotation,and then negotiate the production time and installation time.It is the best that operator can visit the factory and inspect product quality is mach safety standards or not.In this way,operator can evaluated the production capacity and after-sales service of factory.


Promotion of the park publicity,ticket price(According to the actual situation,can doper card,month card and annual card),establish membership profile,work with some children's organizations. Doing the marketing platform,combined with the online and offline do promotion and so on.


4.Site management

Recruit high quality staffs and training for strengthen staff's responsibility.(suggestion:Teachers with preschool education experience are preferred.because they are easier to get along with children and know how to make more fun in it.).


At the beginning children park can attract people's eye by new equipment,but operator should have their own characteristics if they want to continue operating.It also need to innovate and made it difference from other parks.(such as doing parent-child activity,child themed activities and something about music and art activities).

Marketing Pattern(There are many marketing pattern,here are some of them for your reference):

1.Ordinary ticket:It may be canceled by the time of business hours on the day or child leaving the amusement park.

2.Parent's ticket:Children who are too young need accompanied by their parents.So these ticket not need too high.Most of them are worry about their children's safety,will accompany with children.but some of them will play together with their children for promote relationships and communication.(Pay attention to the load bearing of the equipment and age group of children).

3.Per card:It can buy 12 per card at a time free for two,or buy 25per cards at a time free for five,or buy 65 per cards at a time free for 15 and so on.How many for free can decide by operator.

4.Month card,season card and annual card:This is the most common  business way in Amusement park.Children can enter the park unlimited time within the specified time after purchase card.(one card only for one child).

5.Noted: For Multi-project of children park,Operator can choose one ticket available for all project or charge for one by one project.

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