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Open an Outdoor Playground Needs to Put Which Amusement Equipment


    Recently, a lot of friends are consulting what kind of amusement equipment should be placed if an outdoor playground is opened, what kind of amusement equipment is more attractive to children, and how to choose the playground site and business model and how to charge.

    One: the choice of outdoor playground

The site of outdoor playground must be selected in a place with dense flow of people, and it is better to choose a residential area, because only in these places can there be enough children to support such a playground. The best choice of outdoor playground is next to the mall, where the flow of people is relatively large and concentrated.If outdoor playgrounds open in these areas later management will not be a problem.

    Two: the choice of amusement equipment

    Outdoor playground is open air, so try to choose some FRP amusement equipment, not plastic equipment, because plastic equipment is easy to fade by the sun exposure and if the plastic equipment damage is not easy to repair, FRP equipment is not affected by the sun and rain, more suitable for the outdoor playground.

    There are many FRP amusement equipment, which can be divided into rotating amusement equipment, lifting amusement equipment, electric amusement equipment, water amusement equipment, water amusement equipment, electronic amusement equipment, track amusement equipment and so on.

    Therefore, in the choice of outdoor playground equipment must give consideration to all types of amusement equipment, in order to more comprehensively attract children's play.

Smart kids playgrounds wooden slide

    Spinning class like spinning horse, ocean walk, free jellyfish, mini flying chair and so on

    Lift class like automatic control aircraft, modern times and so on

    Electric vehicles such as bumper cars, inflatable car, monkey pull car, bungee jumping and so on

    Water like carp jump longmen, such as amphibious vehicles

    Tracks like track trains, mini shuttle, motorcycle RACES, etc

    Water inflatable pool, such as water slides

    Electronic class like war bald strong, such as pinball machine

    Outdoor playground must be in the middle of these categories to choose equipment, so that the playground has different play, more attracted the eyes of children and love.

Smart kids playgrounds climbing slide

    Three: outdoor playground how to manage and charge

    Outdoor playground charges can be specific according to the equipment and local consumption level for ticket prices, generally 5 pieces 10 pieces 20 and so on.

    Outdoor playground equipment management should always pay attention to safety first, and maintain the equipment every day.

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