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Puning off mount ha mei kindergarten -- cultivate carefully and educate with love


Since 2000, hamei has been guided by the idea of running a kindergarten to provide parents with quality education services with the social responsibility of an educator, and strives to enable ordinary people to share the quality education resources of the organization.With the concept of love, concentration, listening and harmony, hamei has opened several sub-parks to achieve win-win benefits.

Cultivate carefully, with love education

Xiadishan hamei kindergarten is equipped with

Outdoor wood climbing extension, plastic climbing ball extension

Let children love outdoor sports

Exercise your body

And learn to share and be grateful in group activities

Smart adventure adventure adventure to pirate ship for the design theme

Through climbing, climbing, drilling, sliding and other sports combination

Fulfill the children's dream of pirate adventure

Experience professional preschool education service concept

Realize education through lively activities


The overall pattern is natural and fresh

Leisurely rest area

Green field corridor design

Classroom area is distinct

Let children grow up happily


Use environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless raw materials

Bright blue with simple lines

Make whole furniture has qualitative feeling more

Create a friendly and comfortable environment for your child


Dance studio

Sunlight filtered through the Windows into the room

Let a person feel warm 

Where the sun is everywhere

Children can feel the essence of life

Grow up healthy and happy in a natural environment





art room 






 Science room



Building room


The library

Add setting desk and chair of traditional Chinese study

Experience Confucian culture

Inheriting classical civilization

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