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The charming scenery company, let us come to a water pass - Ningxia Manpu town


"In the hot summer, let's have a cool exercise in this beautiful scenery!"



Diffuse Portuguese town of the project site is located in the ningxia yinchuan ZhenBeiBao town 110 national highway and Sue sea road town, west film studio ZhenBeiBao opposite, adjacent to the sand lakes, xixia tomb, Su Yukou national forest park, helan mountain rock paintings, rolling a bell mouth, and six scenic area core position, leisure vacation, spa, wine culture experience, food shopping, nightlife, home is a body comprehensive characteristic tourist town.

Project Name: Ningxia Manpu Town Water Pass Project

Location: Manpu Town, Yinchuan, Ningxia

Project planning: Guangzhou Smart Sports Equipment Co., Ltd

Manpu Tianmu Hot Spring Hotel is the first hot spring resort in Ningxia that integrates Xixia culture and art exhibition, large indoor hot spring pavilion, open-air hot spring soaking area and children's water play area.

As is known to all, in the hot summer, water play is children's favorite way of amusement, so in the project planning, adjust measures to local conditions, our adventure in recreation areas to build a water bravely recruit niche, let the children to play in the process, by constantly recruit sports, exercise and strengthen physique.


We applied to inflatable castles, with the site, design the ten continuity of water through security checkpoints, naughty castle model gas equipment texture soft, but it will also have an exciting game design, can let the children in a stimulating experience guarantee under the premise of security, motivating children face up to challenges, enhance self-confidence to face difficulties.

The first pass -  brave man bridge

Water to enter the first pass to give tourists a "small difficulty", by three arches and two balance beam composed of small checkpoint.Can effectively let the children understand the challenge of the project and increase their play fun.


The second pass -conquest of the peak

The second level is made up of a multi-layer pyramid, which requires visitors to climb to overcome the difficulties of the level and enhance their confidence in the face of difficulties.


The third pass - Carp jump longmen

The third pass is designed with the unique shape of the dragon gate, which requires tourists and children to give play to their comprehensive ability to pass.


The fourth pass -Treading On Thin Ice 

The fourth level is composed of a number of cylindrical balance beams to test the balance force and stability of tourists themselves.In the process of playing, children can also exercise their physical balance ability from an early age, which also has a positive effect on their physical coordination.


The fifth pass -dangerous

Fifth pass the use of simulated jungle obstacles, exercise children's response ability and coordination ability, increase children in the pass of fun.


The sixth pass -Again hit high

Come to the middle and late stage of the pass, as long as the persistence is victory!The sixth level, the most difficult of all, is made up of three sets of equipment and tests whether the children have the determination to overcome difficulties and the agility and balance of climbing skills.


The seventh pass -Obstacle duckweed

This is the connection of various entry points, can not look down on them!This is a great test of children's concentration and balance.


The eighth pass -Big round trampoline

The large round trampoline with a diameter of 4 meters can accommodate 8 visitors at the same time, jumping and tumbling.Trampoline movement can enhance the function of the body organs of children, so that children are physically strong, and help to release the lively nature of children.


The ninth pass -Layers of slides

At the end of the pass, victory is in front of us. In the ninth pass, we placed the obstacle climbing and slide, which can comprehensively train the children's climbing ability, exercise the arm strength of tourists, climb the top and then slide down, which can exercise the children's courage and courage.


The tenth pass -tramp over hill and dale

The last level is composed of two obstacles, which are high and low. It mainly exercises the ability of the children to pass the obstacles and experiences the joy of success.


Green Apple Paradise

In addition to the bouncy castle, we also added a fun and unique apple house, where children can find their own safety in a small house in the water.


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