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What Does Preschool Furniture Need? Preschool Furniture Purchase Notice?


    When establishing kindergarten, furniture is indispensable.But of some furniture practical not strong, after buying, also do not go up mostly.Therefore, when choosing preschool furniture, we should choose some suitable products.In addition, the age of kindergarten children is very small, when choosing preschool furniture should also pay attention to some relevant matters, so as to ensure that children get really healthy and happy growth.Now let's take a look at the preschool furniture related issues:

    preschool furniture needs:

    1.Cribs are essential.Children usually spend a day in kindergarten. More sleep helps children grow up.So it is necessary for children to sleep in the kindergarten.This needs nursery furniture must have crib, and crib must meet the standard.Take dimension that says, must decide according to the height age of child, such conduce to the growth of child.And half the time there should be a guardrail, to prevent the baby sleeping is accidentally rolled out of bed.

    2. Children's dining tables and chairs are very common.Generally only a few families will home children home for dinner, but most children will eat in kindergarten.So, there should be infant table in infant furniture, and infant table also should adapt to the height of infant.

    3. Lockers.Although children are only children, they still have a trace of their personal belongings, such as clothes, food and toys.This requires the presence of lockers.Children can put their personal belongings in it, to avoid leaving lost or kindergarten clutter.

    What to pay attention to when choosing preschool furniture:

    1. Prevent collision.Do not look down upon children desk, cabinet, store the round horn design of content box, it is very useful to safeguard the activity safety of children.Because the children are active, jumping around the room is often the case, not careful will hit the corner of the table, if the corner of the table is sharp, easy to cause damage.

    2. For children's use of preschool furniture should conform to children's body size, height appropriate, so that children can freely take and put the required toys and items, so that children use convenient, comfortable.

    3. Put safety first.preschool furniture should be strong, do not use toxic or release irritating gas materials.preschool furniture surface and edge can not have sharp edges, lobes and nails exposed, so as not to cut, bump children.

    4, preschool furniture color to lively, rich and quietly elegant, reflect the aesthetic appeal of children, can also be drawn on the surface of children's favorite picture.At the same time to pay attention to the integrity of color, create a harmonious and not dull and make children love color.

    5. Prevent clipping.The damper that applies to door of chest, drawer extensively can let cupboard door rebound slowly, have time to let a child to be about to happen thereby clamp hand danger to make a reaction, although the hand pulls back, won't because close a cabinet to exert oneself too hard, at a draught negligence clipped his little finger.

    6. Prevent cuts.Many children's furniture is decorated with shiny aluminum edges, but the metal edges are mostly sharp.A child's skin is delicate and it is likely to scratch his hand.The design of aluminium edge of children furniture nowadays USES less gradually, more convert glue edge.Some of the metal that supports the frame has sharp corners built in to minimize the chances of the child touching it.Screws may also have sharp metal edges, in which case a special metal fastener is used to cover the sharp screws.

    Through the above introduction, can know, preschool furniture is not all ready.But when choosing, a few main furniture still are little not.Additional, when choosing nursery school furniture, must put safety in the first place, also want to accord with what to colour actually child grow.Come so, just have the choice to really suit nursery school furniture.

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