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What should the inflatable water slide operation pay attention to?


     Inflatable water slide is a common amusement inflatable device in children's waterpark. It can not only let children experience exciting sports, but also enhance children's childhood happiness, which is deeply loved by parents and children.

  The gas-filled water slide is made of PVC material, rubber coat, smooth and durable, rich in color. In addition, the PVC material is of high strength, strong and durable, good corrosion resistance, and generally has a service life of more than 8 years.What are the proper ways to use and manage water slides?This is also a frequent concern of venue operators.

  1. Obvious reminders or warning signs shall be put in place where danger is likely to occur.

  2. Provide enough lifeguards as required.Lifeguards must comply with the provisions of the relevant departments, through special training to master the knowledge and skills of lifesaving and hold a certificate to work.

  3. the child in the inflatable water slide, the body can not be with sharp objects and metal, at the same time to let the child to take off the shoes, in order to prevent the process of play to cut the air model, bring danger to the children playing.

  4. before the child plays the inflatable water slide must check the whole equipment, to see if there is a leak, or there are other safety hidden dangers, to prevent children in the process of playing unnecessary dangerous situations.

  5. In the process of amusement, the amusement rules and tourist instructions of all kinds of water amusement facilities should be published in an obvious position. The operators should publicize the matters needing attention to tourists at any time, and set up the radio for repeated publicity to remind tourists to pay attention to safety, stop the dangerous behavior of tourists, and prevent the occurrence of accidents.

  6. the child play time is too long, will give a lot of sweat, at this time the child parents need to help the child in time to dry the sweat on the body, to prevent the child catch a cold.

  7. in the process of the children play, parents must be in the side to protect good children, to avoid too many people and the occurrence of injury.

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