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Guangzhou municipal party committee kindergarten outdoor development


                                                                                          Project name: outdoor development of kindergarten of guangzhou municipal party committee

                                                                                          Project address: no. 9, guangfu road, yuexiu north, yuexiu district

                                                                                          Project area: about 500㎡

                                                                                          Project planning: guangzhou congying health equipment co., LTD

From the wind and rain corridor on the second floor to the ground floor, there is a wooden swing bridge in the middle, through the climbing net to the tree platform, and then from the slide to the ground.


Pirate wind combination slide

Pirates of the Caribbean movie theme

Incorporate the pirates' signature mystical culture

Interesting sail, wave-shaped slide, lifelike

Let children experience challenges in the game

Full of adventure and adventure travel from then on set sail...

To the original ecological background without the theme

It is made of African yellow pear wood

Yellow quality stainless steel material link

Green, environmentally friendly, safe and durable


The climbing frame is made of galvanized steel pipe

Hand woven mesh with color injection ring

It's like putting children in a jungle adventure

It's not just about seeing things in a new way

Can also cultivate their fear of difficulties, indomitable spirit

sea rover

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