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Guangzhou Yuxing Kindergarten Large-scale Combination Slide Completed Smoothly


Guangzhou yuxing preschool education group is a professional educational institution engaged in preschool education with a history of nearly 20 years.The group headquarters is located in zhujiang new town, central CBD of guangzhou.Group based on the tenet of "all for children", to foster the motherland in the future, as made by the board of directors of the in "wide, do strong, do big, do do" thought, under the guidance of after ten years of exploration has been opened between 14 kindergartens and a distinctive education training center, including the first class kindergarten of guangdong province, guangzhou city level of guangzhou demonstration nurseries and kindergartens, and characteristics of bilingual kindergarten kindergarten kindergarten, artistic characteristics, physical characteristics.At present, more than 450 employees, more than 90 classes, more than 3,000 children in the park.

Customized and highly playable amusement design

Let the kindergarten can volatilize in the limited space infinite joy and attraction

Various types of climbing allow children to exercise their physical coordination at the right age.The slide adds to the fun of the climbing equipment.

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