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How to choose playground equipment company



  How should we choose the company when we buy playground equipment?Generally speaking, we can analyze and evaluate the selection from six aspects: manufacturer qualification, company culture, product price, equipment quality, r&d strength, after-sales service and cooperation cases.

  1. company qualification

  Through the relevant website and other channels to verify the company's credit standing, qualification verification and other information.Note that the company has no legal registration, there is no corresponding certificate procedures, there is no production qualification, the production of products in line with the national quality and safety regulations, whether in line with industry standards.

  2. Company culture

  Culture is the soul of an enterprise, and an enterprise with a healthy and positive culture is bound to better lead the development of consumers.The company's culture indirectly affects the service attitude, product quality and design of the company's employees.So we can learn about the company's culture through other online platforms.

  3. Product price

  Playground equipment is a tool to play with children, so safety is very important.Don't go for cheap when buying children's rides.You can't guarantee that his price is cheap because of the cost of cutting corners.Children's accidents caused by various playground equipment often have serious consequences.So the price of the product is better.

  4. Equipment quality

  Quality is a enterprise survival and the development of the road to survival, quality is the life of the equipment, quality directly affect consumer choice and use, however, when choosing equipment if only pay attention to appearance and neglect the product quality problem, will directly influence the later use, so we in the choice, want to know the company did have the quality supervision department detect identification, product quality certificate.Must personally look at the quality of the product, the use of product materials, workmanship and other aspects.

  5. R&d strength

  An excellent r&d and design team is very important for a company of playground equipment. Only an excellent team can design playground equipment that is interesting, scientific, healthy and in line with children's nature.Therefore, we need to know the design style and update degree of the company's products through relevant websites.

  6. After-sales service

  Playground equipment procurement is only a temporary, later use is long, choose a powerful company cooperation is very necessary, if only because the price factors to choose the product quality is bad, or smaller firms, the late occurrence quality problem may be at the beginning of the businessman is gone, so has helped to bring greater losses.

  7. Cooperation cases

  In the selection of company must be a comprehensive evaluation of the company's product concept, product quality, price, after-sales service, attention to the company before some project cases, the best field inspection.

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