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Indoor children trampoline park have what project


  Indoor trampoline park is very popular, not only exercise the child's coordination ability, cooperation ability, release the child's nature, big trampoline adults can also play is a good parent-child interaction project, the big trampoline can only jump up and down on it?Of course not. There are many in trampoline land, such as the big trampoline project, which includes the following.

  1. Trampoline free jumping: you can challenge all kinds of dangerous jumping movements and practice yoga in it.

  2, the sponge pool diving project: this action is very exciting, in the long distance running, near the sponge area, 360 degree rotation somersault and then into the sponge pile.

  3. Trampoline Slam Dunk: it allows you to do something that you can't do on the basketball court.

  4. Trampoline dodgeball project: this project is a team game, divided into two teams to play the game with the middle dodgeball as the dividing line, and requires the team to help complete it.

  5, wire walking project: this project is to exercise the balance of the game, accidentally will fall into the sponge pool below or inflatable bounce, looking for this kind of stimulation.At the same time, the height of the wire is adjusted according to the age of the person.

  6, climbing projects: this process of rock climbing will not be detailed, but added under the climbing wall sponge block, so as to play a protective role.

  7. Professional trampoline: the jumping force of professional trampoline is higher than that of ordinary trampoline. Therefore, the height above the trampoline should be at least 5m when selecting the venue.

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