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Indoor playground in Pisnulok,Thailand - create a healthy and happy kingdom


It consists of 8 regions from the smarty playground of design . so that to satisfy with the children of all ages to play .

the design project plane graph

The theme of children's park is forest , the whole style is Fresh and natural, tonal harmony , To connect and perfect for 8 regions , it is offer to children have happy playground .

Naughty castle

Naughty castle district combines electric toys, children's driving school, wooden climbing, rainbow net and other amusement facilities to improve the playability of children's paradise.

ball pool

In addition to the routine equipment such as banana boat, inflatable trampoline and ball thrower, there are also electronic projection games, which contain more than 50 games and rich amusement products to increase children's fun

wooden climbing

Physical training is more attract active and lively children, each climb any part of the whole body coordination and need hands, feet, and eye and body comprehensive coordination, the coordination of the body,

 can promote the children to make their body more flexible, more agile reaction, is of great benefits, to promote the physical development and make children environment to explore, to satisfy their curiosity.

Handmaking area

Hand science area include doll house , wall game etc , more  suit to small children , it it help to develop to children  brains.

the big building block can design according to the personal , can make set up to all kind of the shapes ,  it is better to broaden children's minds

Sensory integration training equipment for younger children, effectively improve concentration and exercise children's sense of balance

The trampoline of  Pisnulok,Thailand blended web celebrity element, sticky sticky music plays football.Whether you are a child who loves jumping by nature or an adult who needs to release emotional pressure, you can always find your own way to play here

Climbing area suitable for daring to challenge, when climbing distance and height in a constantly changing, each climb to a new place, will bring new sense to the child's visual face and body, help develop children's concept of space, still can make children from a new Angle to observe the environment, can climb skill practice, can also help to the children's all-round development.

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