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Introduction of Functions and Characteristics of Floor Mats for Kindergarten


    Kindergarten floor mat - kindergarten floor mat introduction

    In general, the kindergarten mat can be divided into soft mat and hard, soft mat is refers to the carpet, hard cushion is refers to the floor tile, wood, etc., and mat is medium and soft mat and hard cushion between a kind of new products, mainly used in numerous senior places such as hotel, restaurant, hotel, office building, etc., some soft mat extent of high-end places above accounted for 75% of the total area of floor mats, which made these places a unique corporate image display and style, so the maintenance and protection of the soft mat also is particularly important.If the main function of carpet is decoration, then the function of floor mat is more practical. In addition to having the same decorative function as the carpet, the floor mat takes on the tasks of dust removal, water absorption, mud removal and anti-slip from entering the door. In some special occasions, it can also play the role of anti-fatigue and anti-static.

    Kindergarten floor mat - the characteristics of kindergarten floor mat

    The kindergarten floor mat is firmly installed and will not slide and become wavy due to the passing of heavy objects such as trolley and wheelchair.The kindergarten floor mat has a good function of dust removal and anti-slip, which can effectively prevent sand and dust from being repeatedly brought into the room and keep the floor mat clean.Can avoid the friction between sand soil, impurity and ground mat, protect the surface smoothness of ground mat stone material.Kindergarten floor cushion surface layer can choose a variety of materials, decorative, gorgeous and beautiful, loved by friends.Its bearing force in the standard rolling up to 2000 jin per square meter deformation.The life of the kindergarten floor mat is long, and the wear-resistant surface damage can also be replaced separately, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, reduce the maintenance costs.


    Kindergarten floor mat - the advantages of kindergarten floor mat

    The soft surface of the fabric of the kindergarten floor mat is about 15MM high (the general floor mat does not have such a high hair). It feels very soft and comfortable. The back glue is made of natural latex coating.Kindergarten floor pad is easy to clean, suitable for irrigation, can be directly put into the washing machine to clean, hand washing can not deformation, do not depilate, will not fade, rubber surface to avoid direct sun exposure.The product has no peculiar smell, passed the national environmental protection inspection, belongs to the exemption product, does not fade, wear-resisting above 4 grade, washing fastness above 3 grade.Floor mats can be laid to increase the aesthetic, personalized pad can also improve the corporate image, can also increase comfort, and can reduce cleaning costs, because it can keep dust and moisture in a certain range.

    The above is small make up for you to introduce some good advantages of the kindergarten special pad, can certainly help you understand some more about the kindergarten special pad, in the future if you need to buy the use of kindergarten special pad, hope you can use according to the above purchase.

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