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Jungle Theme Playground --Let the Child Close to Nature


    The jungle theme playground uses the bright green and lovely cartoon modeling of forest elements.Create a dreamlike fresh atmosphere, let the child as if in the jungle.Let the children more understanding, feeling and close to nature, and then more love nature, love life.

The sun rises slowly, the flowers are in full bloom, the stream is gurgling, the wind blows the leaves, the childhood laughter comes unceasingly!

Look! the child chasing each other in the crossing project.Look! the child playing with his imagination in the sand pool. Look! the child traveling through time, rotating the rainbow tree, and displaying his talent in the dream stage.

Fluttering butterflies, lovely and gentle little elephants, bears, monkeys, flowers and trees of different shapes combine an abstract and concrete, and a dynamic and static art form to create a magic world.

The whole jungle theme playground takes green as the theme, so that children can enjoy the beauty of nature in the process of playing, let children experience the fun of forest in the park, stimulate children's yearning for nature, and let children feel the vitality of nature personally.

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