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Liuhua Lake Park in Guangzhou: Enjoy the natural scenery and feel the Lingnan customs


"Autumn wind sends cool, punch the card together with us smart kids playgrounds exhibition hall the same climbing expansion combination slide!"



Project name: Liuhua Lake Park, Guangzhou City

Project Address: No.163 West Dongfeng Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City

Type of project: overall planning/product production and installation/site laying/post-maintenance, etc

Project Planner: Guangzhou Smart Sports Equipment Co., Ltd

Liuhua Lake Park in Guangzhou City is said to be Zhilan Lake in Jin Dynasty. In 1958, the municipal government organized the whole city to dig the Liuhua Lake in order to relieve street flooding.At present, Liuhua Lake not only has the function of water storage and flood control, but also is a large-scale comprehensive park with the functions of sightseeing, entertainment and rest.The park features palm plants, FIG plants, flowering shrubs, open lawns, lakes and light and transparent Lingnan structures, forming a natural scenery with strong south subtropical characteristics.


As a witness development features of the park for many years, guangzhou liuhua lake park is quite meaningful for local residents, generation after generation of people growing up here, work busy, will also take time to bring your own children to come here, to return to the childhood time, feel the nature of pure and fresh and comfortable, together with their children experience the charm of the lingnan culture.

As the guangzhou liuhua lake park, children's amusement facilities planning and supply, we first from the planning to the child's physical and mental development, 2020 new design of non-standard custom development combination slide, climbing can has a promoting effect on the growth of children, hope to be able to bring the child's childhood more fun, to better leave happy memories of childhood.

Slide real view

The whole material of the amusement equipment is made of high strength cold rolled steel plate, which is processed by special technology. The surface of the equipment is smooth, the color is bright, and the resistance to ultraviolet radiation is strong.Climbing wall and platform trails are made of high quality wood Finland, natural grain looks very beautiful, also very close to the liuhua lake park so nature scenery rich atmosphere, on top of the slide part is made of transparent acrylic plate for 304 stainless steel material, equipment is composed of unique and ever-changing game, can make the liuhua lake park in limited space create unlimited joy and attractive.


Slide of children need to mobilize the whole body, such as climbing slide so all parts of the coordination, master climbing skills, as long as the children is the coordination of the body, can promote the children make their skill are more flexible, more agile reaction, also help develop children's space concept, and helps children from a new Angle to observe the environment.More can meet new friends in the play, so as to enhance the child's expression ability and communication ability.

More details of the scene


The same slide in the exhibition hall

Conclusion: There are not only the natural scenery of water and sky, but also the humanistic feelings that will never fade away.Liuhua Lake Park accompanies us to grow up, and we are also witnessing the development and changes it brings to become better.


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