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Acquired group lotus hotel | cloud forest, easy flower valley


Clouds on the forest, worry-free flower valley



Project name: outdoor children's amusement park project of lianhuashan hotel of guangbai group

Location: Lianhuashan Hotel, Guangbai Group, Guangzhou City

Type of service: overall planning/equipment production and installation/site laying/post maintenance

Project Planner: Guangzhou Smart Sports Equipment Co., Ltd

Guangzhou guangbai lianhuashan hotel is directly under guangzhou department store enterprise group co., LTD.The hotel is located next to the Asian Games City in Guangzhou, one of the eight scenic spots of Yangcheng in the new century and the provincial scenic spot of Guangdong Province. It is on the west side of the national AAAA level tourist area "Lianhua Mountain Tourist Area". It is by the bank of Li River, with sunshine, breeze, fragrance of flowers and birds' chirping.Vacation village, covers an area of more than 70000 square meters, according to the garden design, mountain, water, lake, lotus flower, bird paradise, such as more than natural beauty, fragrant lotus waterside pavilion, were, for you to return to country of natural and pure and fresh, you will be involved in the nature of graceful arms, enjoy the comfortable service, allows you to get rid of the heavy business, the fatigue of the journey.ertainment full of childlike happiness for the community parents and children.


Conscious takes the design concept of "Cloud Forest, Carefree Flower Valley" as the theme. The theme of Children's Unmotivated Abortion Park is to get close to nature. The overall park hopes to lead children to establish the concept of green civilization and develop the morality of protecting the original ecological natural environment.

The Tribe of Thousand Illusions

With thousand unreal tribe as the theme, the top of the battery model combined with different series of rope climbing, let your children play in the full of the sense, very attractive, as if into a nature adventure, amusement facilities involved in climbing, drill, sliding, climbing etc., let the children are playing at the same time, can also enhance children thinking ability and physical fitness, can exercise more children hands and brain coordination ability and the ability to respond.


Lotus tunnel

It is an amusement device designed with the original concept of lotus shape combined with parallel rope net. Children are like walking through a tunnel full of fantasy in the process of playing.Through climbing, climbing, walking, sliding, drilling and other different movements, exercise the children's body coordination ability, improve the children's sense of touch and interpersonal skills, at the same time, let the children more firm their own will and confidence, discover their brave spirit.



The game of the brave

The game of the Brave is a micro-terrain expansion created by us based on the original terrain. Micro-terrain expansion is one of the most popular areas in the landscape nowadays. Its terrain shaping is often based on natural forms such as hills, which can organically integrate the human living environment and nature.In this area we combined with the terrain, reasonably design launched stainless steel slide, slope rock climbing, climbing ropes, climbing pole, such as equipment, let the children in the climb, climb, enhance self-confidence and enhance the concentration in the drill, in the face of huge dozens of times than their slopes, long encouragement at home of the brave move upward, when the children successfully climb to the peak also there will be full of a sense of accomplishment, it is helpful to promote the development of body and mind.

Parent-child swing

In addition, we are also equipped with a parent-child swing, in the space composition, form, texture, material, color comprehensive creation, forming a vivid, bright, interesting characteristics, to promote children's physical and mental health and intellectual development, to meet the needs of children's activities and communication.

Planetary trajectory

Children's wheel

Conclusion: A noisy city is a bustling beauty, and a quiet village is a quiet beauty.Mountain, water, lake, lotus, Yang Xin Valley and many other lotus fragrant waterside Pavilion, layer forest layer green, give you back to the jungle nature and fresh, place yourself in the elegant and quiet nature embrace to enjoy the fresh air, let you get rid of the heavy business, travel fatigue.


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