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The first big indoor children's park in nakhon thawang, Thailand - joy is so simple


On April 13, 2018, the first indoor large children's park in naguan shawang opened in Thailand during the water festival. Intelligent power of 1500 ㎡ indoor playground is not only the appearance of the construction of the design and materials, is the pursuit of perfection details, which is produced with the spirit of originality. To give children such a safe, educational and fun play space is smart has always followed the principle.

Three - story forest wind naughty castle

From the labyrinth to the forest king spider tower

Through drilling, sliding, rolling, swinging, and so on

It is beneficial to cultivate children's brave, tough and tenacious personality

To achieve physical fitness, brain training and intelligence

Rotating electric coconut trees and inflatable bears

Add a cheerful cartoon atmosphere

Experience a safe and fun children's playground

Multi - rotor sliding and rainbow wave sliding

As the child swooshes down

Enjoy success

Not only strong will and confidence

They also cultivated their bravery

One of the most popular is the screaming slide


Trampoline open area: spring space connected by an international-class trampoline, including the famous tilting trampoline, the trampoline platform and other surprises, testing the human body function in the air.

Ultimate Slam Dunk zone: satisfy all fans who want to dunk but are unable to do so.  

Fancy sponge pool: use trampoline to make the body volley and rise, finish all sorts of movements in the air, jump directly into sponge pool, the movement can be thrilling, the posture can be very graceful however. 

Rock climbing zone: exercise children's flexibility, coordination, balance and experience the joy of games by holding, holding, hanging, digging, bracing, pushing and pressing.

Sand basin building block

Large solid wood climbing combination slide

Use safe and environmental protection natural raw material to make

Let children play in a natural environment

Big building blocks slide is more suitable for young children

There are three blocks inside

Creative building blocks can be matched any shape

Large building blocks are suitable for tall children

Modular maze areas are popular

kids driving school district

Learn by having fun

According to the simulation design of driving school examination room

Learn traffic rules

Let children experience the joy of driving

ball pool

About every child's childhood

To the ball pool has a unique love and inexplicable yearning

With a gorgeous appearance and gorgeous lighting

Millions of sea ball pools are only for children's dreams

In the middle, as if immediately can hear the sound of joyful laughter

It was as if all the trouble had gone away at that moment

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