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Welcome to the world of aviation | Beijing Aegean Park


Have the aviation base station of mysterious attraction, a plane full of childlike innocence and joy is landing smoothly in this unknown new world, 

in this space without rules, children can play wantonly, from which to explore the mystery in the aviation world.

" Come on, the plane's landed!Let's explore the mysteries of the aviation world together "


Project name: Beijing Aegean Park outdoor amusement equipment

Location: Beijing Aegean Park

Project Planner: Guangzhou Smart Sports Equipment Co., Ltd

Beijing Aegean Park is located in Daxing District of Beijing, adjacent to Beijing Daxing Airport, next to the famous Aegean Shopping Park, located in the core business district of Sun Palace. It is the first "Aegean" project operated by Red Star Commercial, with a total construction area of 130,000 square meters.It is a boutique life experience shopping center integrating shopping, catering, entertainment, leisure and children experience.

We use of the concept of air element as the theme of this project activated points, design the "rocket station", "cruiser" and "time travel", amusement equipment, which is closely linked with air, the hope can give the children's childhood dream "aviation" bring abundance sense of reality, and inspire children's passion for environment exploration desire.

Rocket space station

By the rocket tower and wave climbing network of the rocket, in the blue sky and white clouds in the sky slowly rising, through the layers of clouds, under the sun's radiation flashing colorful light, forming a gorgeous gorgeous scenery line.In the design of amusement equipment, we will fully respect the individuality of children, follow the autonomy of children, develop children's creativity in activities, and at the same time deal with the challenge and safety of activities.

time travel

Here, children seem to be in front of a mysterious wormhole, as long as the courage to step out, you can look up to another landscape.The innovative image of the large speaker modeling is extremely modern, so that we have a new promotion for children's slide modeling cognition.Each component of the slide is designed from the child's body.The yellow frame supported by bending iron plate with 304 stainless steel slide, through climbing, climbing, walking, sliding, drilling and other different movements, exercise the children's body coordination ability, improve the children's sense of touch and interpersonal skills, at the same time, let the children more firm their own will and confidence, discover their courage.


"The plane is about to take off and cruise, please hurry up to board the plane!"The design of this amusement device uses children's favorite plane modeling elements, so that children who aspire to fly in the sky have a deep sense of integration, as if they are really in the vast sky to pilot the plane for cruise work.

Chase the blue sky

Sit on the swing, feel your heart flying, high-five the sky, like a free bird, can fly in the vast sky.Swing is like a childhood necessity for every child. It never seems to go out of fashion, and it always makes children of every age get different kinds of happiness.


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