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What amusement equipment can be put on the second floor platform of indoor children's playground?


    In order to make full use of the limited space, many indoor playgrounds are designed with two or even three floors.As a result, indoor children's playground can be placed in more equipment, more fun and fun.

    Indoor children's playground, soft package of stairs to bring children a sense of novelty

    The platform of the indoor children's playground has always given people a sense of mystery.In the surrounding layer of guardrail shielding, if we do not enter the indoor children's playground to go to the interior, it is difficult to know what amusement equipment on the second or third floor platform.Here, goldie unveils the mystery of the indoor playground platform and introduces the amusement equipment that can be placed on the platform.

   1. punching bag

    Boxing bags are made of soft bags.The punching bag on the platform can be used for children to hit or as an obstacle.On the one hand, children can use it as a sandbag to exercise their arms. On the other hand, it can also improve their concentration.

    The boxing bag made of soft bag can be used as a prop for children to exercise their arms

    2.the swing bridge

    Swing bridge is also one of the more common levels on the platform.When the children through the swing bridge, swing bridge will be up and down with the children's trample, if not good physical coordination and balance, natural is easy to fall.For children, the swing bridge can be a fun and challenging ride.

    There are many forms of appearance of swing bridge, some are made of grid cloth, some are made of strip soft package side by side.In contrast, the swing bridge made of grid cloth is more difficult.In addition to the child to master the balance of the body, but also pay attention to the cooperation of the eyes and feet, so as not to trample.

    3. single-plank bridge

    Single-log bridge on the left and right sides are equipped with a network of guardrail, to ensure the safety of children's play

    Single-log bridge is a popular platform for businesses and designers, and is also popular with children.For children who are trying it for the first time, the single-log bridge is just like the river blocking the path of the pony. If they don't try it themselves, they will feel that the single-log bridge is very dangerous.For children, the seemingly simple level but give them a crucial lesson in life, can help them overcome the timid and timid, develop their brave and confident attitude.

    4. rainbow ladder

    Rainbow ladder can be designed in the form of sloping ladder or arch bridge. The rainbow ladder with sloping ladder is similar to the function of steps, and is generally set at the entrance of the platform, while the rainbow ladder with arched bridge is generally set at the middle of the platform.Although the rainbow ladder is simple, it is not easy to pass it safely.Children have to be careful and balanced to get from one end to the other.

    5. the drill hole

    Drilling holes in the grid is more interesting and challenging

    There are two types of drill holes on the platform, one is a mesh drill hole and the other is a plastic drill hole.The plastic drill is more mysterious and arouses the children's curiosity and curiosity. Moreover, it is immobile and the little ones can play with it.The grid drill was easy to see on the other side, and the more timid children preferred the grid drill.The holes in the mesh are not fixed, and children need eye and limb coordination to get through.

    For indoor children's playground, platform level amusement equipment not only contributes to the effective use of space, but also adds a lot of fun for indoor children's playground.Smart and warm reminder, when choosing the amusement equipment on the platform, we must pay attention to the reasonable collocation of difficult and easy, there must be buffer space between the two levels.In addition, also want to fully consider the safety of the amusement, for example, the grid must not be too large, the single-log bridge to install the two sides of the net, the slide mouth position should not set up obstacles and so on.

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