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What are the preparations for the opening of the playground after the outbreak of COVID-19?


    The epidemic situation is gradually going to the past, but in order to cooperate with the implementation of novel coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic control and prevent the outbreak of the rebound, pay attention to the children's paradise of hygiene and clean epidemic prevention work, for the children's health escort, can let parents feel safe and bold to take their children to play.So how should children's amusement equipment be disinfected?

    1. Prepare and collect necessary materials for epidemic prevention and control, such as 75% medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, hand sanitizer, disposable hand sanitizer, watering can, disposable respirator (general medical surgical respirator or N95/KN95 type respirator), playground sterilizer and disinfectant, etc.

    2. Carried out publicity and education on the prevention and control of various epidemic diseases in the park, and popularized the staff's knowledge on the prevention and control of novel coronavirus.We will establish a liaison group for epidemic prevention and control in the park and carry out joint prevention and control of the epidemic.

    3. Made statistics on the situation of returning workers, and formulated plans for returning workers and opening parks;Collected at all levels of government, hospitals, health supervision bureau, the local center for disease control and social epidemic prevention unit guidance about the outbreak and epidemic prevention work, understand the overall progress of society and the local epidemic prevention work, the analysis of relevant information and submit to the epidemic prevention and control group according to the collected information subsequent epidemic prevention advice;Collect internal staff and visitors, collect epidemic prevention Suggestions or comments for analysis, and submit follow-up epidemic prevention Suggestions to the epidemic prevention and control team according to the collected information.

    4, the use of paradise facade propaganda, garden WeChat public, official WeChat circle of friends, garden fan base, the official trill micro/quickly/etc since the media platform and posters and other channels and means, to carry out the daily adventure playground daily epidemic prevention external publicity work and epidemic prevention work of the propaganda.

    5. The head of each department (or the designated agent) must be on duty every day during the business period, key posts must be put in place, and those who meet the requirements of starting and returning to work should go to work according to the normal schedule except under special circumstances;Each department shall establish the department during the epidemic prevention management formulation or provisions, responsibility to the implementation of people, strict assessment.Prior to the completion of the sanitary and disinfection work of the park, no person other than the park personnel without permission is allowed to enter the park.

    6. Clean up the park at least 2-3 times a day from the first day of work to the opening day;Starting from the overall cleaning of the park, spray disinfectant and alcohol once every 1 hour every day to each area of the park;Park for the first time after the completion of the overall clean-up and daily 12:00 noon and afternoon before coming off work (i.e., 2 times a day), open amusement park dedicated disinfection machine (84 disinfectant, disinfectant, disinfectant 84 effervescent tablets or supporting) 30 minutes, in various regions, such as cabinet put oneself in another's position, the soft bag, props, equipment, facilities, ocean ball, sponge pool disinfection, etc.

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