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Important matters of water park equipment design and slide production steps introduction


  Water park equipment everyone should be familiar with, when the summer, people will go to the water playground for summer fun.Today I'm going to talk to you about water park equipment.There are many key points in the design of water park equipment.How is the slide equipment in the water park made?Below we on the "water park equipment design important matters note and slide production steps introduction" to a detailed understanding.

  What are the key points of water park equipment design?

  In recent years, water parks have blossomed all over the country.And with the rapid development of tourism economy, people demand for tourism products and look forward to more and more high, culture creative spirit is becoming more and more important, the pure water park equipment packing can not meet the demand of tourists more experience, water park, in the future competition will be the theme culture of competition, this type of water park, we call it "theme park".

  Water park equipment the so-called theme water park, is to take water as the core carrier, relying on water space water park equipment, and give a specific cultural theme of the park.Compared with the general water park, the theme water park has a clear and prominent theme positioning, integrating elements from all over the world, at the same time combining local elements, in the landscape, style, performance art, theme culture is more prominent, forming a panoramic architectural art.

  At the same time, the function is more complex, which has a great pull effect on the surrounding environment and business.At this stage, the theme water park is not only a space, but also an artwork of landscape and architecture.

  The overall creativity and design are the steps of the development of theme water park, and it is necessary to comprehensively consider the theme clues of the water park, the creative design of theme scenes (i.e. the connection between story clues and landscape), and the integration of story clues and amusement projects.The following is a combination of two cases "dream water park" and "hengdian world studios dream valley water park" to illustrate the theme of water park design several points.

  1. Clear theme clues:

  Theme water park, as its name suggests, focuses on the theme. Centering on the theme of "making up stories and telling stories", the overall planning and design of the theme water park takes the story as the background.Through compiling the stories with the three princesses, the fantasy water park cleverly gives the theme of "water", "jungle" and "mountain top" in the three areas of the park, and integrates "" into the theme.

  The theme of the first phase of dreamland water park in hengdian world studios is derived from the mummy series of films, which combines the water-related plots in the films with the landscape functions of the water park and the amusement experience of the water park facilities, so that the water park has a mysterious and attractive theme culture.

  2. Vivid scene setting:

  The key to setting the scene is to give the tourists a story experience, to tell the story with the landscape, to make every corner have a story or become a part of the story as much as possible, and to provide the tourists with a vivid and realistic experience in the constant changes of the scene.The fantasy water park carries on the cultural packaging of the theme story to each scene, sets up the different form or the princess sculpture symbol in the three areas, spreads the theme story to infect each visitor who arrives at the park.

  Valley water park phase ii in hengdian studios dream "one thousand nights" as the theme, into the ocean culture, a small child play pool is also "Sinbad, wreck" story as clues to set the coral, water jellyfish, mermaid, etc, in the setting of the scene made full use of to the theme of the story, and can satisfy the need.

  3. Experience rides:

  Water park rides are essential, theme water park rides should consider more experience, the story line into each of the water rides, to touch the hearts of visitors with experience products.The 28-meter high-speed slide, typical of the dream water park, USES the tall tree trunk as the platform of the slide, making the slide naturally become a part of the theme story, which is not only the landscape of the water park, but also increases the experience of playing.

  Another example is the waterfall rafting section of the first phase of dream valley water park in hengdian world studios. The face of immorton the devil is represented in the form of stone sculpture, and the water curtain flows down from the front of the face. Combined with the lighting and sound effects, it strives to reproduce the treasure hunting experience in the movie "the mummy", bringing tourists both exciting and fun experience.


    How is the slide equipment in the water park made?

  Water slide equipment is roughly divided into two categories, one is, water park equipment with tens of meters of appreciation of hundreds of meters of super-long slide large water slide;Another kind, it is the kind that nursery school is commonly used to add the function of the water slide.

  Water park equipment the former type of water slide equipment is for visitors to slide equipment, the safety and stability of its structure is very important.Water slide equipment belongs to large scale

  The water amusement facilities in the water park belong to the category of special equipment, and the grade is B. Each set of equipment must pass the inspection, inspection and acceptance of China special equipment testing institute, and can only be used after the certificate is issued.Most of the water slide equipment is installed outdoors, and the natural environment has a great influence on the structure of the slide.

  Water slides in design phase, therefore, must be on the structure strength, stiffness, fatigue strength, stability, resistance to capsizing analysis of the calculation and the sideslip, achieve the safety factor of the corresponding requirement specification, write formal manual calculation, and has the Chinese special equipment inspection institute has the corresponding qualification engineer review, appraisal report issued by the rear can put into production, the first set of the equipment must be by the China special equipment inspection institute professional, has the corresponding qualification engineer on-site inspection, the type test report issued by the rear can use and mass production.

  Load, live load, wind load, snow load, earthquake load and impact load must be considered when calculating and analyzing the water slide equipment structure in the water park equipment.The dead weight of load in water slide equipment is usually the topic.Live load only rides the load of the person and the water load;Wind load is divided into working state load and non-working state load. In the design of amusement facilities, the working state wind load is calculated according to the running wind speed of 15m/s, while the non-working state is calculated according to the wind load once in 50 years where the equipment is installed.

  The snow load is calculated according to the wind load which happens once every 50 years in the installation place of the equipment.When calculating the earthquake load, the earthquake intensity is 8 degrees, which is equivalent to the design basic acceleration of 0.2g.When calculating the impact load, the impact may occur during the movement of the amusement facilities, and it is generally impossible to calculate accurately during the design.Therefore, when calculating the strength, its load and live load must be multiplied by the impact coefficient. According to its speed, the corresponding impact coefficient of the impact coefficient is selected in the water slide equipment.

  The water slide structure in the water park equipment includes glass reinforced plastic slide, steel structure and concrete foundation.In view of the particularity, importance and complexity of the water slide equipment structure, finite element method is introduced into the water slide structure analysis, which is suitable for all kinds of complicated mechanisms in the water slide equipment and has become one of the effective analysis methods.After the introduction, it completely changed the traditional analysis method, making the force analysis more accurate and comprehensive, and more conducive to the structural verification and design optimization of the water slide.

  The above introduction of "what are the key points of water park equipment design" and "how to make slide equipment in water park equipment", I hope you can understand "important matters of water park equipment design and slide production steps" to help.

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