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Precautions for use of climbing equipment


  Many parks, shopping malls and residential areas are now equipped with climbing equipment.Many children enjoy climbing.But climbing equipment can get hurt if it's not played properly.So how do climbing devices play properly?What are the precautions for use of climbing equipment?Below small make up take everybody to understand together.


       How to play the climbing equipment correctly

  Any outdoor exercise generally have to do a warm-up exercise, presumably benefits we all know oh.After the warm-up but to climb high climbing equipment, their own sense of balance and physical strength is required.

  After warming up, we're ready to move on to the climbing equipment.Try to get some balance under the climbing equipment yourself.If you don't want to climb it all the way up, practice it with your heart. It will also help you to become more agile.Remember not to kneel up, so in addition to the expression of their own can go up, and can not play other exercise body and mind.

  Everyone knows that it's not just one person who actually goes to a park or amusement park to play with their climbing equipment.So how do you properly help your climbing partner?Maybe most of us are pulling back, and I would say that's probably wrong, because it can cause instability.

  Climbing equipment is limited and will eventually end.If you use the right method, you not only get to the top, but also exercise yourself.Entertainment is not only entertainment, but also a beneficial way to increase interpersonal relationships and exercise yourself.When you get to the top, be sure to be safe. Hold on to the safety rope or safety wood.

  How do you get down?As the saying goes, "where there is a top, there is a bottom."Remember not to take a steady step, slow and steady feeling oh, can not be eager for quick success and instant benefit.


       Precautions for use of climbing equipment

  1.Don't play with your friends while climbing

  2.Try not to climb with sharp and hard things, better wear sportswear oh.

  The above introduction about climbing equipment related content, before playing climbing equipment must do a warm-up exercise, so as to avoid accidents in the process of playing.

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