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Langpei Lesso Homesteao International Kindergarten -- the World Needs Children to Explore


Langpei Lesso Homesteao International Kindergarten

Langpei education system is derived from the educational concept of York University in Canada.Comprehensive introduction of western preschool education - IEXP international exploratory education advanced ideas, and follow the "world, children need to explore" brand philosophy, build full immersion double tongue international cultural atmosphere, advocating nature as the teaching experience of active learning, pay attention to physical health, through the social practice activities, guide the children to observe all things, actively explore experience the essence of things, young children and to explore the unknown world, eventually produce can adapt to the globalization the future citizens of the world!

Garden-style outdoor landscape

High-end children's golf course

Experiential teaching based on nature

Follow the world, need children to explore the brand philosophy

Create safe play space for children to grow up happily!

Large multifunctional slide with summer style

By climbing, drilling, sliding, etc

Can not only strengthen the child's will and confidence

But also cultivate their courage

As the child whizzed down

To enjoy the joy of success

Cute insect shape climbing net

Our company is specially designed for children

Drill, climb, slide, roll, swing, jump, etc

Not only is the kindergarten a beautiful scenery

It is also a good partner for children's growth

Warm and elegant classroom area

Use environmental protection log furniture

Matching blue and green teaching kit basket

Make the whole space more textured

Let the children like to explore, cooperate and learn here

The classroom has sharp corners

Natural materials are healthy to standard

The setting of five large area corners

Let the child get the potential stimulation

Comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, body and labor

Smart Kids Playgrounds

Kindergarten overall solution leader

Dedicated to creating a warm kindergarten for children,

To provide with the idea of ingenuity

From the whole park planning and design, supporting facilities production,

To one-stop service of brand promotion planning,

To create a highly competitive kindergarten for customers,

To give children a safe and fun fun space!

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