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Yuanxin Water Park


Yuan xin water park is located in wuhua county, meizhou city, guangdong province. With convenient transportation, it is a good place for people to travel together by themselves in summer.

The first phase of the Yuan xin water park covers an area of 12,000 square meters.The water park has a full range of facilities including wave pool, children's dream water city, large combination slide, spa pool, rafting river, swimming pool and other water amusement facilities.It is very suitable for youth amusement and family travel.

1. Wave pool

The sea wave pool covers an area of about 2000㎡.Suitable for people of all ages to play in the water.In the sweltering heat, groups of swimmers are waiting for the waves on the shore, as cool and comfortable in the seaside!

2, children dream of water city

The area of children's dream water city is about 1200 square meters, which includes an interactive water village water house 10m high and 500 square meters in area, a set of family slides, and a number of water equipment for children.Interactive water village water house is not only suitable for children to play in the water, but also for adults to experience the fun of being close to the water in the water house.Add family slide and children's play, every child here must be able to experience the fun of splashing with their companions, let them linger!

3. Large combination slides

The large combination slides consist of various types of slides, including three rainbow wave slides, a downhill high-speed slide, an open spiral slide, a raft spiral slide, a sled slide and a barrel slide.It is the first choice for young people to come here.

4. Spa pool

Spa pool area of about 200 square meters, there are various types of water bath massage equipment, suitable for people of all ages to experience.In burning hot summer, feel the caress of clear water in water silently, this is another kind of acme enjoyment to the author!

5.River rafting

The river is about 400m long and is one of the activities that people of all ages love to experience.In the river, people relax to breathe, hold the floating circle, drift with the tide and enjoy the summer time.In burning hot summer, feel the caress of clear water in water silently, this is another kind of acme enjoyment to the author!

6. Swimming pool

The swimming pool is about 500㎡, 25m long, which is the first choice for swimming fitness fans!

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